CHICAGO, Illinois (May 14, 2019) – Saying no to single-use plastics? You aren’t alone. Cities, states and hotel properties across the country are leading the charge to reduce waste and clean up the environment with policies that limit plastic products that can only be used once.

To help travelers stay green on the go, Orbitz mapped out all the places in the U.S. currently banning plastic straws and plastic bags. The list features cities and states that are taking steps against single-use plastic, and includes some of travelers’ favorite destinations and hotel brands such as Marriott, Hyatt, Arlo and 1 Hotels.

Currently 6 states have cities with plastic straw bans, 7 with a mix of plastic straw / bag bans, and 11 with plastic bag bans. California and New York are the only two states to ban plastic bags so far (NY takes effect in March 2020), though many major cities have plastic bag bans including Chicago, NYC and Seattle. Additionally, national parks + their hotel/lodge properties and most hotels the Vegas strip ban bags and/or straws. Beach communities are also more likely to ban straws / bags than other cities.

Check out Orbitz’s interactive map or browse these top properties before you book.